Thermally Efficient Lintels

Energy efficient lintels are a type of steel lintel for use in masonry cavity wall construction. They provide support over structural openings such as doors and windows whilst minimising linear thermal bridging heat loss compared to conventional cavity lintels. We offer a one piece Catnic Thermally Broken (TBL) and our own brand UltraTherm split lintel solution. The UltraTherm is the cheapest of the two products and the most thermally efficient lintel solution on the market. Some product dimensions vary as the lintel increases in length and material thickens or if the item is cut from a longer stock profile. Some items are cut from longer stock length. Once cut these items are non-returnable.

UK Lintels UltraTherm Lintels

The most energy efficient lintel system on the market with Psi values (W/mK) from 0.02 compared to 0.05 (Catnic Thermally Broken lintel).

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Catnic Thermally Broken Lintels

Catnic Thermally Broken Cavity Wall Heavy Duty Lintel

A one piece Thermally Broken Lintel to suit cavities from 90 to 165mm in standard, heavy and extra heavy duty performance categories.

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Thermal Performance

Target fabric energy rates, target CO2 emission rates, and target primary energy rates for the foundations of the Building Regulations Part L 2021. They set the energy requirements for the new buildings and are all influenced by the performance of the fabric. Selecting a Thermally Efficient Lintel can play a significant role in reducing heat loss associated with thermal bridging.

Heat loss through the building fabric is expressed as a U value and measured in W/M2K, while heat loss via linear thermal bridges is expressed as a psi value and measured in W/Mk. The total fabric heat loss is the sum of the combined fabric U value multiplied by the total area, plus the product psi value of junctions and their total length.

Improving the thermal performance of the wall emphasises the increasing proportion of heat lost through thermal bridges in the building fabric such as lintels. Lintels can be a major thermal bridge in a building, and the lower psi value, the better for overall performance.

Improved psi values can be achieved by using;
• Lintels with perforated based plated
• Lintels without base plates
• UltraTherm split lintels (a separate lintel for the inner and outer leaf)
• Thermally broken lintels such as Catnic TS90 | IG Keystone HT/S+ | Birtley ST90

The graph above highlights the typical psi values that can be achieved by using various lintel solutions.

UltraTherm Lintels Psi (W/mK) Data