UltraTherm™ Lintels

The most energy efficient lintel system on the market Psi value (W/mK) from 0.0223 - 0.0356 (based on 90mm cavity).

UltraTherm™ Advantages

•UltraTherm split lintel solution is the most energy efficient lintel system on the market with Psi value (W/mK) from 0.0223 - 0.0356 (based on 90mm cavity).
• The most cost effective (available from stock) energy efficient lintel system on the market. Up to 85% off manufacturers list price.
• The most available energy efficient lintel system on the market. All items are in stock, available for delivery Next Day, Nationwide.
• The most versatile energy efficient lintel system on the market. Select 100mm | 140mm inner leaf or 100 | 120 | 150mm outer leaf options
• Suitable for any cavity size. No restrictions on cavity widths.
• Insulated internal box. Meaning your cavity and your inner leaf is insulated which isn’t the case with a one piece thermal lintel.
• No costly site downtime waiting for materials. With next day delivery available our UltraTherm lintel reduces site downtime in waiting for products to arrive. It also negates the problem of waiting for replacement items or additions which are often required on a project. Waiting 4 weeks for an additional one piece thermal lintel can be frustrating and costly.

Buildability Myths of Split Lintels v One Piece Thermal Lintels

There are some myths (created by the manufacturers of the product) that using split lintels isn’t as efficient for buildability purposes. We give some simple answers to those myths;
• Confusion over site installation. One piece manufacturers argue that they are easier to install. We’ve produced an installation guide (right) to assist in the installation of a UltraTherm Split Lintel. Building two courses with separate lintels is not a new concept and will not be alien to any experienced bricklayer. A competent bricklayer will see no issue with this detail.
• No DPC required for a one piece lintel. A DPC is required for a UltraTherm lintel but we would endorse that it is good practice for any opening to have a separate DPC installed above the lintel. IG / Keystone even show this in blue in their product image online and in their brochure. For many areas of the UK a separate DPC is still required for any lintel as per NHBC guidelines.
• Cavity Closer required – Yes, a one piece lintel does close the cavity without a cavity closer but these are very inexpensive items at around £9 for a 2.4m length and available off the shelf. The cavity closure also provides a better overall site detail.
• Lack of stability – Stability between the inner and outer leaf comes from the wall ties. The one piece lintel has very little impact on stability and once the mortar has cured even less.
• Angle and Channel lintels to the outer leaf need to be propped. Whilst it is always good practice to prop single leaf lintels they do not need propping up to 1200mm long as long as they are installed with 2 courses of bricks, allowing the mortar to fully cure before applying further load. 1350mm – 2400mm (1 prop), 2550 – 3600 (2 props), 3750-4800 (3 props).

UltraTherm Lintels Psi (W/mK) Data