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We have one of the UK’s largest single site stock holding of Catnic and galvanized steel lintels carrying every cavity size in standard duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty profiles up to 6m long.

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Special Lintels

Fast-track bespoke lintel specialists
Fast-track available (where shown) 10-20 working days
All other special lintels 20-25 working days | Nationwide

Corner (Mitre) *fast-track*

Special Corner Lintel

Enables the appearance of an unspoiled window opening on two perpendicular walls of a room.

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Square Bay *fast-track*

Special Square Bay Lintel

The square bay lintel uses perpendicular returns to create a window opening with three aspects.

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Splayed Bay *fast-track*

Special Splayed Bay Lintel

The splayed bay lintel projects the wall forward from the confines of the rest of the room.

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Apex Arch *fast-track*

Special Apex Arch Lintel

Apex design lintels for triangular or diamond shaped openings.

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Elliptical Arch

Special Elliptical Arch Lintel

The elliptical arch lintel enables the creation of a wider, shallower arch opening.

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Gothic Arch

Special Gothic Arch Lintel

The gothic arch lintel enables the creation of pointed window and door openings.

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Parabolic Arch

Special Parabolic Arch Lintel

Enables the creation of openings with an artistically distinctive softer curvature.

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Segmental Arch

Special Segmental Arch Lintel

Enables the creation of an opening where the arch compromises an arc smaller than a semi-circle.

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Semi-Circular Arch

Special Semi-Circular Arch Lintel

The most common feature brickwork opening providing a classical design for any window or door.

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Venetian Arch

Special Venetian Arch Lintel

The Venetian arch lintel enables the formation of a classical design.

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