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Internal Solid Wall Extra Heavy Duty 140 Cavity Lintel

Technical Data

What is a UKLintels.com steel lintel and how do they differ to Catnic, IG, Keystone, Birtley, Stressline?

Our lintel range is the largest in the UK amongst any manufacturer. Our own brand lintels are manufactured in the UK by our partners. Below are some product accreditation details of our galvanized steel lintel range.

Our comprehensive range of standard steel lintels offers design capability for all circumstances, designed to the relevant BS EN standards and with the assurance of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 management standard. The cavity lintel range is supplied with captive insulation to ensure that it is not displaced. The fabricated ranges are manufactured with a proven non-welded method creating a secure connection that has not compromised the galvanised protection.

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Lintel Code , Equivalents

Steel Lintels product page

We offer the equivalent lintel codes on each of our product pages to the other major lintel manufacturers; Catnic, Birtley, IG, Keystone and Stressline. We also offer our own product code next to these equivalents under SKU:

Cavity size

You can change the cavity size by using the drop down box.


You can input the length of the lintel required by typing it in the LENGTH box; as you type the length the price will automatically change.

We provide the loading data of our lintels for cross checking against other manufacturers items. Our lintels are the equivalent in function for each product code, there are often small differences in each manufacturers technical loading data, therefore please check the product specification table for the specific product against your alternative manufacturers code prior to ordering.

Lintel title

The title of the product gives you the cavity widths it will be suitable for, and the gauge of the lintel as either standard, heavy duty (HD) or extra heavy duty (XHD) or another term.

Specifications/ Technical


UDL – Uniform Distributed Load (Serviceable)
RM – Resistance Moment (Serviceable)
SWL – Safe Working Load

We also provide some headline guidance under Specifications which guide you as to what each profile is or isn’t capable of supporting. For instance Standard Duty lintels cannot support concrete floors.

Technical Overview

We also provide an overview of the product with a generic cross section drawing which correlates to the specification table above for the heights as the lintels progress through their available lengths. Please note sometimes the height of the product we supply may differ from this table but it will always be a taller profile and never shorter. Please make sure you notify our sales agents if you need a specific height or if you have a height restriction for your project.

Technical Diagram

In the overview it shows a cross section of the product, showing the lintel shape. In the image below the cavity widths is 50mm made up of a 44mm cavity as shown plus 3mm steel on each side which makes 50mm. The image also shows the dimensions of the inner and outer leaf’s. All product overview images are for indication only. Product dimensions vary as the lintel increases in length and the material thickens. The blue line depicts the additional DPC which is supplied and installed by others.

Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, Extreme Load, 4 Course Deep

You can also use our ‘also available in’ links which give you the same profile products but allow you to click through the different gauge pages easily whilst maintaining the cavity size selection you have made.

Further assistance

For further assistance please call our steel lintel technical department prior to ordering.

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